Under a Rock

I’ve been hiding……

Well not really hiding, just in avoidance of my social networking and blogging. I’m absolutely healthy for those of you that have been asking. If your not a twitter or facebook contact of mine then I guess you haven’t heard the news yet 🙂

The hubby and I are expecting baby #2!!   I have SERIOUSLY neglected to write a post on the blog about these past 7 months! It’s not because I don’t love ya…I really really do..but I’ve kept most of my updating via Facebook.

So here is the gist for those who don’t know. In the last week of February my husband were super surprised to find out that we were expecting and that I was currently 10wks pregnant. We were not planning on having another one and had been extra cautious in that area…but I like to joke with my husband and say that his little swimmers have super powers and were waiting at my ovary doors 🙂   My darling little Ava whom had been wishing and wishing and asking and asking for a sibling for the past 2 years will now be getting her wish.  The first trimester for me was HORRIBLE. I was able to get a few sessions in during that time…but mostly stayed in the bed with CONSTANT nausea and stomach pain. Finally about 6 months into the pregnancy the nausea subsided I was finally able to EAT something besides crackers blah. I had tons of energy and my belly finally went POP 🙂    BUT…..pain set in.  By this time we went and had our ultrasound and found out what we are having. DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

IT”S  A BOY!!!!!  Husband is deliriously excited as you can imagine. But poor little Ava. Yeah not soooo much. She went with us to find out the sex and she was convinced it was a baby sister. The moment the tech nurse said it’s a boy….her smile turned to a frown. She was soooo upset and even shed a tear. 🙁

About a few weeks prior to that, miss Ava had seen that Huggies commercial on tv. You know..the one where the dad is changing his son’s diaper and as soon as he takes it off the baby pees like a fire hydrant ALL OVER THE PLACE. Well after seeing that AND having people tell us that baby boys pee on everything, she was convinced that baby boys were little piss monsters ahahahaha. PLUS we have 3 boy dogs that like to lift there leg on everything so you can imagine the ideas rolling through her little mind.

Needless to say she’s doing a little bit better about the whole idea of a brother…

She said and I quote…”ok well fine…I’m still going to dress him up in my princess clothes and put makeup on him” LOL.

Now remember she was 4 at this time..so having 4 years of mommy spoiling only her and her being the first granddaughter on both sides of the family. Yeah we are going to have a tough time when he arrives.

So backto the “Pain”.  Around the time we found out the sex, we also were told that our little man was in the breach position and was hanging out in the birth canal area really really low.  As he started to grow and put on pounds, him being in this position and so far down caused severe pain and my doctor finally recommended me to stop working for risk of pre-term labor.   🙁   booo.   So with  doctors orders, I had to stop taking work. The pain has increased and increased now to the point that I have been just laying around and not doing to much. The doc says that it’s from being so petite and little as well. I’m 5’1 and weighed 110  when I got pregnant and didn’t put ANY weight on until my 6th month.

I am 8 months pregnant now and ready to push this kid out ya’ll !  My baby-shower isn’t until Sept.18th  and I will be 36wks along. OH GEESH.   My doctor doesn’t think I will make it to October as planned and that he will most likely come the last week in September. THATS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK   ack.!!!

Picking out names…that’s a whole other post in itself!!!  We did finally pick a first name that we both agree on and that is Mason

Help us out on a middle name friends!!!

Mason Greer Miller  ?

Mason Kale Miller  ?   this is what i like

Mason Jackson Miller  ?   Ava insists that this is what she is going to call him. hmmmm

Mason Carter Miller  ?

Mason Grey Miller  ?

throw a few more out there for us!

I am planning on relaunching in January 2011 after he is born.  So don’t fret my fans!

Here are a few UltraSound pics for your enjoyment


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