Thiago’s Journey.

Oh gosh, this little munchkin was sooo adorable. Mom and Dad had to be sick of me saying every 5 seconds how cute he was. His mother Aixa called me a few months ago about setting up a special session inside there home to capture their lovely family. Little Thiago is 8 months old but due to his premature birth hasn’t learned to situp yet.  This happy little baby never cried and endured the endless clicking of my shutter in his face without a whimper 🙂

Here is a little story about the journey Thiago and his dear Momma Aixa endured with his birth.

Thiago Gabriel Torres is less than a year old and has been through more in his short life than many people will experience in a lifetime. His journey began on October 29th when doctors diagnosed his mother, Aixa Acevedo, with preeclampsia, a disease that occurs when the placenta dies and releases toxins into the mother’s body. There was little amniotic fluid and Thiago was receiving little blood, oxygen and nutrition from the dead placenta. The only cure for preeclampsia is to deliver the bad placenta or the baby. The problem was Thiago weighed less than one pound and doctors said survival wasn’t likely and, if by some miracle, he made it through the delivery his lungs were so under-developed that he would not live long outside the womb. In fact, doctors told his mom to concentrate on her own health and stop thinking about the baby because he wasn’t even going to make it through labor. Yet, in every sonogram there was Thiago, his heart beating strong. Once labor was induced doctors stopped monitoring his heartbeat because they were convinced he wasn’t going to make it. Within an hour Aixa delivered Thiago alive. He was still in the sack, completely unscathed by the labor and delivery. He entered the world wighing just over one pound. His weight dropped to 13 ounces within one week. That’s about the same size as a can of soda. For the next three months he stayed at the neo-natal intensive care unit at Winnie Palmer Hospital where he received countless blood transfusions and his mother is eternally grateful to everyone that donated blood and helped save her son’s life.

His Momma Aixa is a woman after my own heart!! As soon as I walked into their lovely home I was in HOG HEAVEN!! She is an antique and vintage lover just like me!! I seriously wanted to take every piece of furniture with me!! Victorian chairs/ antiques all over!!! And best of all…she loves DAMASK TOO!!! Aixa, girl we’ve gotta go shoppin’ together!!

BTW Thank you so much to David, Thiago’s daddy for being such a great sport! I know you don’t like your photo taken but you did awesome and made my job super easy 🙂

MUAH MUAH Muah muah! 

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Tabitha McCausland - August 14, 2009 - 3:39 PM

Love them doll!

kym drum - August 18, 2009 - 8:42 AM

This family is beautiful. The babe looks like such a little man. I love it!

jessica lorren - August 19, 2009 - 7:41 PM

Great work on capturing images that truly show the love this family has. Beautiful!

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