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    Hi Friends, my name is Brittany and I am a multi published Fine Art Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Orlando Florida. I've been happily married for 9 years now and have 2 precious kiddos ages 7 and 2. I ventured into the photography world 8 years ago, and have now been doing this professionally for 6 years. I am also a Seasoned Photographer for Disney Fairytale Weddings and Disney Fine Art Photography in Orlando Florida.
    Every photograph should be timeless and worthy of hanging in large print on your walls for all to see. Take a moment and scroll through the blog to see my most recent work.
    If you would like to book a session with me, please visit the WEBSITE or Just 101,109,97,105,108,32,109,101em liame for further details. Thanks so much and God Bless.

Danny And Frances in Love|Bella Allure Imagery Wedding Photography

Earlier in the year I had went to one of my best friends babyshower and I did a slideshow of her maternity pictures for all to see at the party. Well this lovely young lady approached me and told me how much she loved my work and asked for a card.  Well it’s funny because I had almost forgot all about her and then I get an email and phone call from her last month mentioning that she was getting married and that I just had to be her photographer!! Woohoo I was soo excited. These 2 lovebirds are so sweet and funny. We set up to do an engagement session this past Saturday. I was super nervous because for awhile now I’ve been mostly photographing kids and families-so this was a nice break from that but I had to remember to not make silly sounds and fart noises for their attention LOL.  We could not stop laughing though everything was funny-Danny would crack the most funniest jokes!  In coaching them a bit I would say “ok pretend your a harlequin romance novel” and they would try but we would end up laughing histerically 🙂   I really enjoyed capturing the love they have for each other and I just can’t wait for their wedding in March!!  Enjoy~




Jason - November 10, 2009 - 8:02 PM

Awesome! You’re portraits capture so many wonderful moments that a person would always want to have them out in display.

Shirley Harrison - November 11, 2009 - 8:24 AM

The pictures are so beautiful, when I looked at the first two,I thought they were models until I kept scrolling down and realized it was Francis and Danny……Just beautiful!
Shirley Harrison

EDMARIE - November 11, 2009 - 8:18 PM


Heather williams - November 11, 2009 - 8:58 PM

absolutely beautiful pictures! Congrats you guys!
the williams clan.

Joel and Elaina - November 11, 2009 - 10:34 PM

congrats friends! The pictures are gorgeous. 🙂

greg - November 11, 2009 - 11:13 PM

That Danny is one handsome man.

Gary and Gloria - November 12, 2009 - 6:00 AM

Congratulations Danny and Frances! These photos are great. The wedding album should be beyond awesome.

Tiffany - November 12, 2009 - 7:52 AM

Beautiful pictures! Congrats!

Priscilla Colon - November 12, 2009 - 8:12 AM

WAO! Hi, Brittany. This is Frances mother. The pictures are so beautiful. I can’t imagine how the wedding pictures will be. In two years will be my 25 anniversary and I know that I would like to have you as my photographer. You are an artist. Congratulations, Danny and Frances. I love you!!! 🙂

Risa - November 12, 2009 - 9:56 AM

Nice photos. Captured ‘young love’… 🙂

JoshuaNTaylor - November 12, 2009 - 10:28 AM

Danny looks like a very pretty version of a young Michael W. Smith. I miss you Danny

Tiffany Goad - November 12, 2009 - 12:55 PM

The pictures are amazing! I’m so happy for you guys:)

Sarah Limper - November 12, 2009 - 12:58 PM

I love the black and white ones

Krista Juline - November 12, 2009 - 2:27 PM

Incredible photos of an incredible couple. They look like models!

Curtsi - November 12, 2009 - 4:33 PM

Wow, those portraits are awesome. I love the feel of them, especially the old buildings.

Maria Melendez - November 12, 2009 - 6:14 PM

The picture look like they been paint, never seen before. Love it !
God bless you guys in you new step.

Veronica - November 12, 2009 - 6:47 PM

Awww Frances and Danny these pics look AMAZING!!! These pics will last a life time!! Can’t wait for the Big Day!!!

Whitney - November 12, 2009 - 8:34 PM

These pictures are beautiful! Love them all!!

Sarah Heiberg - November 12, 2009 - 8:41 PM

The top right is my absolute favorite! Love these 🙂

Joanna - November 12, 2009 - 11:38 PM

Love the pics they look awsome.

Jay and Manny - November 13, 2009 - 10:41 PM

Beautiful pictures. You guys make such a nice couple. Good luck and enjoy the festivities. Love ya!

Uncle Jay and Manny

donna and russ adams - November 15, 2009 - 10:33 AM

The pictures are so beautiful. I love the black and white
ones. You two look soooo happy. She was really able to capture that!!
We are very happy for you.
Much love,
Aunt donna and Uncle russ

Paul - November 15, 2009 - 6:34 PM

Very well done, oh to be young and in love again!

Nancy - November 17, 2009 - 8:57 AM

A picture perfect couple

Nancy Muller - November 19, 2009 - 7:29 PM

I love it!! Beautiful.!
i love u, Mom

marita reyes - December 9, 2009 - 11:28 AM


maritareyes - December 9, 2009 - 11:29 AM


maritareyes - December 9, 2009 - 11:31 AM

congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!beautiful pictures.

Cruz Family and Isabella | Bella Allure Imagery Family Photographer

Oh wow so I’ve been just a tad bit busy and have unfortunately had to put the blog on the backburner. So I greatly apologize to those follow me on here. Holiday mini sessions…modeling clients AND another awesome shoot with Playground Magazine. More on those to come my friends. For now..please enjoy some art of this lovely little family. Honored to photography them mulitple times now, I just adore them dearly. Isabella is now 2 and so so sweet.

DSC_6813-Edit logo


DSC_6844-Edit logo





danielle - November 11, 2009 - 4:30 PM


i love love love your work!

Lisa Lotter - January 22, 2010 - 9:17 AM

Beautiful little girl!

Mymy {M-MomentsPrecieux} - February 28, 2010 - 11:22 AM

it’s so beautiful! I love your work!

admin - March 22, 2010 - 7:21 PM

thank you so much !

[…] Here is Arianna! I have photographed her Mommy, Daddy and big Sister for a couple of years now. You might have seen Cynthia’s Maternity Pictures that I posted here…   Or one of their family shoots here…. […]

KidsFest 2009|Bella Allure Imagery Central Florida Photographer

WOW, I’ve been slammed praise God this Fall season so apologies on the slacking of my posts lately. Last month here in Florida was the 9th annual Central Florida KidsFest.  Once I heard about this monsterous event-I just HAD to take part in being a vendor. Boy did it pay off I almost ran out of business cards and fliers that day (keep in mind I brought about 500) There had to be atleast that amount of people visiting my booth. And why wouldn’t they, It was GORGEOUS. When first signing up it was said that black backdrops would be provided so hallelujah cross that off my list of things to buy. But when I showed up there was hideous Yellow backdrops 🙁    But I think I did a pretty good job masking out the distraction. Yellow just doesn’t Mesh Well with Teal and Brown LOL.   But I set up a beautiful Photo Wall that was envied by the other vendors and had such great feedback on my display. I was told mulitple times it was one of the best (blushing inserted here) So thank you sooo much for all those whom stopped by and showed some love. Can’t wait until next year. Let me know whatcha think.DSC_6619 webDSC_6613 webphoto wallDSC_6617 web

DSC_6615 web

Michelle Guzman - October 10, 2009 - 9:32 PM

Girl that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see when you post about your new studio whenever that may be. 😉

Life with Kaishon - October 28, 2009 - 3:51 PM

Wow. Your pictures are SO beautiful! I saw that Pioneer Woman liked one of your cornered edge pictures today so I google searched you so I could come over and be inspired! Way to go with your fair! It sounds wonderful!

Jason - November 8, 2009 - 11:21 PM

Hey, that looks so cool. The couple on the desk, that looks so real like their little people on the desk. Amazing…

Published|Bella Allure Imagery Central Florida Child Photographer

If you haven’t heard of Playground Magazine yet-your totally living under a rock. This is Central Florida’s new hip & sophisticated source for all things related to parenting. Stylish Moms and Families as well as all things cool to do around town.  Back in February I did a little mini shoot at Ikea showcasing free storytime for tykes.  It was so great working with them so I was THRILLED when Heather (founder) of the magazine emailed me about photographing 2 seperate articles for the new Fall Issue.  The first article and shoot was for their new Editor/writer Mrs. Jenny Fauser and her adorable little girls Saylah and Audrey . The shoot was of them dressing up for Halloween and trick or treating in their neighborhood. I love how Jenny’s PopStar outfit which was styled by the extremely talented Tammara Kohler of Fused Fashion. Here are a few of them.

Featured Image DSC_4800 by you.DSC_4912 EDITEDDSC_4930

 DSC_4915 by you. DSC_4983-Edit cropped by you.

DSC_4811 by you. DSC_4808 4x6 by you. 


Now onto the next article…Stylish Girlscouts. I LOVED shooting this. What a great concept. Girlscouts are more than just cookies and camping. This National Organization is trying to reshape it’s typical stereotypes. So what a wonderful pleasure in being able to capture this. Our lovely model is miss Christina, she modeled like a pro for me in the hot sticky mosquito haven forest. Once again, the awesomistic Tammara beautiful styled her. Thank you so much to the Ladies of Playground Magazine for giving me this opportunity. You ROCK!

DSC_4650-Edit by you. DSC_4756-Edit cropped by you.

WOOHOO Published!! by you.

Magazine Photoshoot...Fashionable Girl Scouts. by you. Fashionable Girl Scout~Magazine Shoot for Playground Magazine. by you.

 DSC_4745 by you.

Jason - November 26, 2009 - 12:02 AM

brittany Miller of Bella Allure Imagery is the Best Photographer in Florida. She’s captured the essence of life in her photos. Much love and success brit!

It’s Holiday Mini Session Time. Already booking before announced!!

Bella Allure Imagery Mini Sessions for Fall or Christmas 2009

Dates October 8-9th and October 28-29th


Mini Session Fee: $100                                                                     407-702-3069

A 20-minute mini portrait session that includes the photographer’s time and talent, at your location of choice, to capture 10 edited images in B&W and color options. These will be presented to you in an online viewing gallery for ordering prints/products and to share with friends and family for 10 days. The mini-session also includes one (1) digital file sized to a 5×7 and will include a reproduction release form so that you may make your own holiday cards and/or prints. Bella Allure Imagery also designs custom made holiday cards with images from your session if you would prefer. These come in sets of 25 cards in traditional folded style or flat postcard style, including envelopes. Other custom made specialty products for gifts are also available.

Additional digital files can be purchased at the special price of $50 each or a CD of the entire session in 4×6 format for $250. Please email for print prices and specialty product information.

This year I am adding a special type of mini session which is called “Vintage Kids” Vintage Kid sessions are styled shoots where your child is dressed in antique/vintage clothing and photographed with antique toys or props. These types of sessions have been numerously asked for this year so I thought I would include this in the mini session season. For more information on this type of session please don’t hesitate to ask.

Types of mini Sessions Offered:

Vintage Kids

Halloween/Costume photos

Fall Holiday

Christmas Holiday

Please keep in mind that these sessions book very quickly and are first come first serve. I will only be taking 10 families this year due to high demand. So please put down your deposit of $50.00 to hold your date and time slot. Thank you so much I look forward to our session together.

Brittany Miller                      407-702-3069

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