I’ve been busy!!! Latest…90210 watch out!

Ok so my dear friend Jen Soltren whom is also a photographer called me up and asked me if I would like to join her in a paparazzi type shoot out of a bunch of teens. I was like um.heck yeah (I knew the perfect spot for this..my newest fav location).  So one of these cutie pies is turning sweet 16 and her name is Kristina and as a gift from her parents…she had a photoshoot w/ 2 awesome hip photogs ( if I say so myself ;p) capture moments of her and her friends. What a great time in ones life to have something like this done.  I had sooo much fun doing this and felt like a school girl all over again.  I think I’ve still got the “cool” factor in me somewhere LOL.

Coolest chicks on the block! by you.

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