Awaiting Bennett-Clermont Florida Maternity Photographer

My most dearest and most beautiful best friend Danielle and Paul are having their first baby!!! After trying for awhile, Danielle and Paul were finally able to get pregnant. But unknown to doctors at 3 months along she miscarried and found out that it was twins. The devastation of their loss was inconsolable and heartbreaking. Danny is a nurse anesthetist and went through grueling and long years of school to finally have her dream career. And to top it off she married Paul the man of her dreams which just so happened to be one of her high school sweethearts. So when time to finally start a family they faced a lot of tribulation on the road to carrying a precious baby. But Praise the Lord for all of his miracles because after her horrible miscarriage she was able to conceive again 5months later. With just a few weeks left in her pregnancy Danny and Paul asked me to document this precious time in their lives.  Here are just a few of their favorites.

Update: Danielle and Paul welcomed Mr. Bennett into the world. Sneak Peak coming soon!

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