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    Hi Friends, my name is Brittany and I am a multi published Fine Art Portrait and Wedding Photographer in Orlando Florida. I've been happily married for 9 years now and have 2 precious kiddos ages 7 and 2. I ventured into the photography world 8 years ago, and have now been doing this professionally for 6 years. I am also a Seasoned Photographer for Disney Fairytale Weddings and Disney Fine Art Photography in Orlando Florida.
    Every photograph should be timeless and worthy of hanging in large print on your walls for all to see. Take a moment and scroll through the blog to see my most recent work.
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Halloween Wedding Inspired by Phantom of the Opera-Bohemian Celebration

I’ve always adored Halloween, mostly because of the warm and deep colors that wash the earth during the fall season and the excitement in the air for Fall Festivals, corn mazes and the awesome movies that start appearing on Hallmark 😀

I do love the spooky side of Halloween as well since the thought of Ghosts and Ghouls are such a mystery. I don’t believe in any of that nonsense being a Christian of course and we don’t Celebrate it but we have good clean fun out of the Holiday instead. This year we went to Tennessee for Halloween and a fall vacation with family. It was so much fun dressing up and walking the streets of Gatlinburg collecting candy from all of the little country shops. After hunting for candy we went to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Haunted House experience. I wasn’t that impressed with the Ripley’s experience but the kids got a kick out of it.  Even though Halloween is over, I’d love to share a recently published wedding that I captured LAST Halloween.  This is Terra and Chris Bunch. You’ll be seeing a bunch of them in the future because I just captured their Maternity session and their little one’s newborn session is coming up in the next few months. When I asked Terra to write me a little something about their love story, this is what she wrote me 😀  LOVE:

“It all started one Halloween night. Chris and I were both attending our favorite annual spooky event, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. We were each going with mutual friends who were meeting each other, but that night Chris and I started as strangers. We spent that night exploring haunted house after haunted house with our friends, getting closer and closer as the night went on. Chris made every attempt to comfort me and guide me through each house, meanwhile I wasn’t having it – I was the brave soul who wanted to go through each house first, in the front of the line, needing no comforting or hand on my back to help guide me. We had so much fun that night, and even though I wasn’t needing the gentlemanly gestures of comfort Chris was trying to provide in that time of great “fear”, he had left a lasting impression. That night set the tone for our future. We felt like we had known each other for so long, yet had just met. After a few weeks, Chris and I started talking casually, and a few months after that we began dating. The rest is history as they say! From the beginning, the thing that brought us together and connected us the most was our mutual passion for anything Halloween related. We both grew up watching classic horror films, and both developed a deep love for all things spooky, haunted, and bizarre. Halloween started it all for us, and is where our love story truly began. It was only fitting that we chose the best day of the whole year, the one that was most important to us, to celebrate our love and join as husband and wife – and that is why we chose Halloween for our wedding. Our wedding theme was gothic and dark yet romantically haunting – much like the holiday we hold so dear. The rich reds, golds and blacks were chosen with my favorite Broadway show in mind, The Phantom of the Opera. Everything came together beautifully, and the reception kicked off with the Monster Mash to set the tone for the best “Halloween party” we have ever thrown, one we will continue to celebrate each year on that very special, spooky day.”- Terra Bunch

How fun is their story??? Here are a few fun images from their special day.

300 dpi 16x16 storyboard


If you’d like to see more, they have been published on Orange Blossom Bride blog:


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The Hinton Family-Winter Garden Family Christmas Portrait session

Not only do I have the pleasure of calling this lovely family clients but also neighbors and best of all FRIENDS!  I have photographed their two boys multiple times now and each new session has become my favorite. As you will see in their portraits, they are all full of life and fun.  I love not having to make them show me emotion, it was radiating from them. I love this little family dearly and you will see why.  Also, if you’re in the local Central Florida area, Gina owns and teaches Little Turtles Swim School  Be sure to sign your little ones up for swim school before summer arrives!  I’ll be posting a few more of their sessions coming up soon, so be on the look out 🙂

Winter Garden Family session-The HintonsWinter Garden Family session-The Hintons 2Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 3Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 4

Showing his brother how to smile?  I don’t remember what they were doing but it was just to funny NOT to post 🙂  My favorites are always the outtakes.

Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 5Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 6Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 7Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 8Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 9

Daddy shows up and the then the tickles and laughter is unending. These make my heart smile 🙂

Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 10Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 11Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 12

Run away baby ^^^

Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 13Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 14Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 15Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 16Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 17Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 18

And of course we end the night with boys being boys and wrestling.  That’s capturing real life folks. If only my two kids would “wrestle” that cutely and nicely 🙂

Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 19Winter Garden Family session-The Hintons 20


Nicole and Chris-Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hipster Honeymoon session

It has been almost a year since I have photographed these two love birds. Their story is so beautiful and I feel absolutely in love with them after 5 minutes! I had the pleasure of photographing this session through Disney Fine Art Photography. Upon meeting Nicole and Chris I just knew this was going to be a fun shoot. Officially they had been married that week but Nicole’s Father whom had recently passed away, paid for this session. They never had a chance to be professionally photographed for this special time in their lives, so this was truly an honor. I hardly had to direct them because they were so full of life and love. I captured some great giggles!!  Here are just a few cute ones from their session.  Check out those amazing tats!!!  FYI Chris is an amazing tattoo artist.


Disney Fine Art Photography: Shot by Brittany Miller

Disney Fine Art Photography: Shot by Brittany Miller

Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0002Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0003Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0004Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0009Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0008Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0007Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0006Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0005Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0010Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0021Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0020Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0019Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0018Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0017Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0016Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0015Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0014Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0013Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0012Disney Hollywood Studios Hipster Engagement session Orlando Florida_0011


Matt and Aleena are Engaged- Downtown Orlando Engagement Session

Talk about two hilarious people, that would describe Matt and Aleena. They are two peas in a pod and definitely my kind of people. Our personalities meshed so well together and I truly feel I was meant to be their photographer. Lacey and I had so much fun photographing them in downtown Orlando this past March. Being the first day of day light savings time, we were lucky enough to have beautiful light long into the evening. As the sun went down we were able to capture a few night time portraits with the glow of the beautiful city as their backdrop. I love how Matt and Aleena were themselves the entire time and were not afraid to show their silly side. Lacey and I can not wait for their upcoming wedding in Tampa. Congratulations again Matt and Aleena!!



The Robertson Family

When I got the email from one of my favorite photographers Amy Robertson, to capture her family portraits this past fall not only did I feel so honored but so completely nervous. Amy is an amazing newborn portrait photographer here in Clermont Florida, she and her husband actually went to high school with my hubby and they were great friends. On the day of our session the weather was extremely warm but the lighting and location was absolutely perfect to tell their story. I captured some great memories of their two precious daughters playing ring around the rosy and sharing lots of giggles. They were such a sweet family and the love that they have for each other is inevitable.


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